Shattered - God Heals Broken Hearts

What do you do when life shatters you into a million pieces? How do you cope, survive, and put all the shards back together again? Author, Speaker, and Television Host, Theresa Westbrook has compiled stories that illuminate the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of God in SHATTERED: God Heals Broken Hearts. Each heartbreaking, yet victorious story offers hope, wisdom, and personal applications of key Biblical principles that promote emotional and spiritual healing.

Mother Teresa once said, "May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in." Our compassion radically enlarges when our hearts are broken wide open. If you love stories that highlight life-transforming truths, rekindle hope, and speak life, this book is for you.
Endorsements by: Dr. Robert Jeffress, Actress - Nancy Stafford, and Author - Tracey Mitchell
Author: Theresa Westbrook
Co-Author: Tamara Roberts
Contributors: Theresa Westbrook, Justina Page, Randy Cole, Elizabeth Hale, Mary Fay Jackson, Harmini, Marilyn Phillips, Carolyn Hedgecock, Dean Smith, Lois Jetton, John Finch, Carolyn Hallford, Sandy Wright, Cindy Navarro, Dr. Fred Mosely, and Tamara Roberts.


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